We make all possible efforts to satisfy the expectations of our Clients in terms of a flexible approach to the selection of a model for our Law Firm to provide legal assistance. We are open to on-going cooperation as well as individual orders. When providing services to business entities, we are aware of the fact that the basic goal of our Clients is to ensure effectiveness and financial liquidity against a maximum reduction of legal risk.

A flexible model based upon hourly rates is a commonly accepted settlement approach.

An alternative approach involves a model, which is based upon a predetermined lump-sum fee. Even though this solution proves less flexible, the Client may ensure a maximally effective allocation of funds budgeted for legal services.

Depending on the type of provided legal assistance and the nature of commissions entrusted by Clients, our Law Firm also follows indirect settlement models, like, for example, the settlement based upon a cap fee or an hourly settlement with elements of a success fee.

On-going cooperation

We find it obvious that an on-going cooperation with the Client allows to achieve the highest possible effectiveness of the offered legal services. In particular, we can get acquainted with the Client’s organisation structure, its management, employees and internal communication channels in a comprehensive manner. It undoubtedly allows to significantly accelerate the provision of legal services to individuals in a business that need them at a specific moment, and to adjust a manner of the implementation of projects to individual needs of specific organizational units within a corporation, or even specific individuals. Thanks to a stable co-operation, it is possible to get acquainted with the Client’s business environment and, it allows to acquire a comprehensive and regular knowledge of specific areas of its operations. This co-operation ensures a possibility to show initiative, anticipate certain needs and support the Client’s business activity in the most effective manner.

When providing on-going legal services and engaging lawyers with narrow specialisations, GSW LEGAL Law Firm ensures legal assistance in all areas of legal expertise, also the areas which are not covered by the key fields of the Firm’s practice.

Project support

Clients often request us to provide legal services in the field of a selected business process (.e.g. investment process, acquisition of financing), or a specific project (e.g. IPO, capital market transactions). In these circumstances, our Firm appoints a dedicated team with the aim to support and supervise a project or business process implemented by the Client.

Ad hoc cooperation

It includes the performance of individual or selected orders of the Client. It is the Client that makes a decision as to when and what support of our Law Firm is necessary, and our availability and services are each time determined for that particular order.