We also engage in work pro publico bono.

We do believe that it is an appropriate manner to share our knowledge and experience with people who, due to their life circumstances, are not able to pay for professional legal assistance. We help private individuals and entrepreneurs that face a difficult financial situation.

We also offer legal services without a charge to non-profit organisations.

In particular, we provide assistance to:


The Polish Ergonomic Society which disseminates ergonomic ideas in Poland. Its objectives include, among other things, organizing conferences and symposia, initiating scientific and research work, as well as implementation and invention in the field of ergonomics. The society also deals with the promotion of the principles of ergonomics at schools and higher education institutions. It also co-operates with other international societies and organisations.


Polish Padel Federation associating fans of padel – sport discipline, which combines elements of tennis and squash. Polish Padel Federation organises sport events such as Polish Padel Tour competitions. See their web page: