Our Law Firm specialises in providing legal services in the following areas:

Insurance-related support of drilling and mining processes

We provide advisory services in the field of acquiring and negotiating the terms and conditions as well as the scope of insurance coverage for all types of risks related to onshore and offshore drilling operations. Our current experience includes taking out insurance coverage on the Polish and London markets.

Our Clients include both Polish and foreign businesses: borehole operators and contractors in the area of drilling and related services.

Participation in IT and telecommunication projects

We specialize in providing legal advisory services in the area of interdisciplinary projects, which are at the verge of IT and telecommunications. We have participated in the development and negotiations of contracts with the biggest Polish insurers and mobile telephony operators.

Servicing Initial Public Offerings (IPO) and bond private placements

We act as a legal advisor in the processes of Initial Public Offerings and Secondary Public Offerings, as well as in the field of private placements. We have acquired experience in public offerings and floating of shares on a regulated market, as well as alternative trading system on the NewConnect market.

We have been involved in a great deal of private placements of bonds and introduction of bonds into trade on the Catalyst market. We have gained a unique experience in the field of issue of secured bonds.

Advisory services in corporate matters and corporate conflicts

Our specialisation includes providing advisory services in corporate matters and settlement of corporate conflicts, at a pre-litigation stage and through civil proceedings. We regularly provide legal services to public companies and businesses operating on regulated markets (aviation, power engineering and mining industry).

Legal advisory for companies operating in the aviation industry

We provide on-going advisory services to companies from the aviation industry. We have acquired experience in preparing contracts and opinions concerning contracts typical for the industry, including, in particular, in respect of aircraft maintenance and aircraft leasing.

Provision of advisory services in the field of offering financing to businesses and consumers

We provide legal advisory to businesses, which award financing to entrepreneurs and consumers, in particular, in the field of drafting documentation for new credit products and advising in relations between business partners and financial supervisory authorities.

Our assistance also involves consumer relations, law on protection of personal data and establishing property and personal collaterals. We have participated in the process related to introduction into the market of financial products offered in co-operation with underwrtiters and networks of insurance agents.

Capital transactions, corporate mergers and acquisitions

We have acquired a considerable experience in the provision of legal services related to investment processes and transactions on the capital market. We act as an advisor in the processes of corporate mergers and acquisitions, including reverse acquisitions, LBO transactions, MBP and MBI transactions. We are involved in business transformations and restructuring.

Our Firm provides comprehensive legal services particularly in the following areas of expertise:

  • Civil Law and Commercial Law
  • Litigation
  • Capital Market and Security Trading Law
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Banking Law and Financial Services
  • Insurance Law
  • Public Procurement Law
  • Energy Law
  • Competition and Consumer Protection Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Transaction Tax Optimization